Amarillita (Penélope Mata)

The way in which this project was given was very curious. I had been wondering for some time if someone would be willing to pay for exclusive content in Venezuela, under the assumption that content creators had a difficult time with platforms like Patreon due to the issue of means of payment.

To clear my doubts, I offered Penelope to make a website for her content subscription.

Penelope is a photographer, art director and singer, with a somewhat crazy urban style. Although it is not my style, I like her work and I recognize her as a true artist.

It was great to see that people actually signed up for the content.

I used Woocommerce for all payment functionality, along with Woocommerce Memberships and Woocommerce Subscriptions to handle content permissions and recurring payments.

I implemented a mix of manual payments with automatic payments. Most people paid by mobile payment.

This is the most feminine project I’ve ever done in my life. I had never used pink, you had to put yellow because, well, AMARILLITA. I used a pretty subtle set of gradients. I really liked the aesthetic result.

The only bad thing about this website is that because Penelope is so busy, she doesn’t really maintain it.