This project took longer than a normal project would take. Licia is my friend and as a mother, her work means a lot to me, so I was very nervous trying to come up with the web design. I remember having the idea of ​​curves one afternoon after smoking a cigar and drinking strong coffee, it felt almost like a religious experience.

Licia wanted a website where she could show her work, in Spanish and English. Black and white were essential to give drama and highlight the work. The only color used is gold/yellow quite similar to mine, which we call “Metacracia Yellow” because it is the color of my first blog, Metacracia.

In terms of functionality it is a portfolio without any complications. Due to the number of works that Licia has, we decided to divide them by five-year periods.

The only thing that I don’t quite love about this website is the typography. Although we both liked Montserrat, Licia insisted on using that thickness, which in my opinion does not look as good as a bold or extra-bold.


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